List of Donkey Kong Country episodes featuring Candy Kong

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Candy Kong as seen in the TV Show.

This is a list of episodes from Donkey Kong Country in which Candy Kong appeared.


"Bad Hair Day"[edit]

She appeared since the first episode, in the episode Bad Hair Day is her birthday and both Bluster and Donkey try to go out with her, Bluster gave her a cake, and Donkey gave her Banana flowers, but she rejected both. Later a robot of her is constructed to cut Donkey's hair in order to make Donkey weak. After, Candy is blamed for that and she explains she was at the barrel factory all day, and then they realized it was an impostor and not Candy. Cranky gives Candy a potion to undo the curse, but Bluster drops it, and a giant banana tree grows, they realized that Donkey could undo the curse by eating bananas. Then at the end Candy gives Donkey a present, at the same time as the robot. Candy gets mad as Donkey choose the robot as the real Candy and leaves.

"Ape Foo Young"[edit]

In the episode Ape Foo Young she goes to dinner at Donkey's house (while Donkey is transformed into a baby), Diddy lies her telling her that the baby is Donkey's nephew and asks Candy if she can stay with the baby while he goes and look for Donkey, Diddy really goes looking for Cranky to get help and transform Donkey to his original self. As Diddy didn't return she had to take the baby to her work at the barrel factory, were she was punished by Bluster for being late three minutes and 46 seconds. Later the baby snakes and gets himself inside a barrel, Candy gets him out and afterwards Bluster punishes Candy again by putting the baby in a barrel, so Candy don't gets distracted while working. Then Baby Kong gets out and starts pushing all buttons in Candy's work, which messes all the barrel production, and then the baby hides in one of the barrels. Meanwhile Diddy arrives and asks Candy were Baby Kong is and she explains what happened. Lastly Donkey returns to his normal state.

"Booty and the Beast"[edit]

In the episode Booty and the Beast, Bluster asks her who is the handsome Kong of the island and she responds Donkey. Suddenly King K. Rool arrives, Candy confronts him asking what does he want; King K. Rool takes out the Crystal Coconut saying that he is now the ruler of the island. This frightens Bluster who says he will obey his orders, this gets Candy mad, King K. Rool explains he wants to manufacture explosive barrels so no one can stand him. Later, Donkey arrives to regain the Crystal Coconut and to save Candy, who is in charge of two Kremlings, afterwords King K. Rool escapes in a mine cart.

"Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel"[edit]

In the episode Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel, she had a formal lunch with Donkey, all was going well until Bluster arrived to say that lunch time is over unless she wants to go playing hockey with him, she refuses and says she prefers finishing the lunch with Donkey. Bluster asks her what she likes about the big hairy ape (Donkey), Candy responds that she likes that he is a big hairy ape, finally Bluster goes away and leaves Candy and Donkey finish their lunch. Candy goes back to work and suddenly Bluster arrives with a new look saying he is now a hairy ape, and asks her if she is going out with him, but she refuses again. The next day at work, Bluster starts bothering again and says he is the future ruler of the island and takes out the Crystal Coconut. Candy doesn't believe him and thinks it’s fake so she hits him, resulting in the Crystal Coconut getting inside a barrel and getting launch to a far place.

"Kong for a Day"[edit]

In the episode Kong for a Day, King K. Rool places a banana on the floor with intention of slipping Candy so she will be angry with Donkey Kong. After Candy enteres the room, she blames Donkey Kong for the banana, telling him not to ever see her again. She seems to regret her words when Donkey Kong is later banished for destroying Cranky's home (although Klump was actually responsible). Bluster decides to take advantage of Donkey's absence and invites her to go out, but she refuses. After, Klump enters and starts shooting everything, so she and Bluster hide behind the conveyor belt. Finally Donkey saves them all and all returns to normal.

"Raiders of the Lost Banana"[edit]

Candy is the center focus in the episode Raiders of the Lost Banana, Donkey gives the curse golden banana to Candy, as a gift for their anniversary. In her work she showed the cursed banana to Bluster and suddenly barrels start to fall, she and Bluster ran away, in the way out Bluster steps in her head which makes her mad. Candy asks Bluster if he can take her back to her home, he aggrieves, but in the way home the cursed banana makes the helicopter stop working and they fall. They fall in Cranky's house and when he sees the cursed banana, Candy explains him it’s her anniversary gift, and Cranky explains her it’s a cursed banana. In her way out she finds Donkey and he explains her that the banana is cursed, but she says she is keeping it unless Donkey wants to stop going out with her. In her way home Klump finds her and takes her, along the cursed golden banana, to King K. Rool. King K. Rool tries to negotiate with her for the banana, but she refuses, this makes him mad and orders Klump to punish her, Donkey arrives just in time to save her. Donkey decides to take her home, and they go home in a mine cart.

"From Zero to Hero"[edit]

In the episode From Zero to Hero, she is one of the characters reunited to see Cranky's new experiment and explains Donkey that even the Kremlings can test the x-ray machine. When it was her turn to test the machine, Bluster arrives and says he is next, because he is rich. When it finally was her turn she had to go back to work, leaving Dixie next to enter. In her free time she starts doing aerobics, Funky starts to see a program where a woman screams, Bluster thinks Candy is calling for help and he almost crashes with her in his helicopter, he then proposes to her but she thought he has turned crazy. Bluster tries to make it worth her while by saying she would get everything he owns when he's dead. Though it peeks Candy's interest, she most likely turned it down due to her loyalty of DK.

"Buried Treasure"[edit]

In the episode Buried Treasure Bluster invites her to a treasure hunt, at first Candy didn't want to go, but Dixie finally convinces her, then the three of them go to the mountain mines. In the road to mountain mines Bluster and Candy start fighting about who will have the treasure. After Candy and the others arrive, she and Dixie quickly follow Donkey, Diddy and Funky to get the treasure, leaving Bluster behind. After, the Kongs and King K. Rool start fighting in minecarts for the treasure. At the end Candy and the others discover the treasure was actually rotten bananas.

"Get a Life, Don't Save One"[edit]

In the episode Get a Life, Don't Save One in the beginning Donkey sings a song for her. She really liked the song. While enjoying the song Bluster comes and ruins all. After, Candy tells him that she liked the song and they are about to kiss until Bluster ruins it. Bluster said to Donkey that Candy had germs, angering her.

"I Spy With My Hairy Eye"[edit]

In this episode, Candy was making a banana cream pie for Cranky and DK, but then Diddy, who was invisible, stole one of the pies. Candy Accused DK of it and took the one she was gonna give DK to Cranky. However, Candy Clone went to Cranky's and stole the Crystal Coconut nearly framing her. However the mess got cleared up when DK and Diddy came clean with messing with the Coconut and the group realized it was Candy Clone who stole the coconut. In the end, Candy was gonna give DK a pie as a way to apologize for accusing him earlier, only for Diddy to ruin it when he though she was Candy clone and threw the pie at her. Candy is furious and then throws the pie at DK.