Donkey Kong Plus (stage)

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This article is about stage found in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. For the pre-release name of the game, see Donkey Kong Plus.
Donkey Kong in his robot.

Donkey Kong Plus is the stage where Mario faces Donkey Kong as the final boss in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. After running off with six Mini Marios, Donkey Kong hopped into this giant robot and stuck the toys in between its fingers.


DK's robot's attacks all involve its fists.

  • The first attack is to bang the ground with one of its fists. This will temporarily immobilize Mario, and cause hazardous objects to rain down (as well as a Barrel). The robot sometimes does this with both fists.
  • Another attack is to press its two fists together, squishing Mario and making him lose a life if he gets caught in the middle. The robot will either do this with its fists against the ground, or hovered slightly above it.
  • If two Barrels fall on the two edges of the battlefield, the robot will put one fist in the air and the other lying on the ground. The fist in the air pounds down, the other moving out to squish the Barrel. The robot will not do this if Mario is not trying to get the Barrels.


The Robot's only weakness is its head, in which DK controls it. Mario must pelt it with Barrels seven times, the first six times freeing a Mini Mario. The last Barrel will take out the Robot for good, electrocuting DK and blasting him out of the destroyed machine.

Physical description[edit]

The robot in fact resembles a robotic Kong. It has a long laser that acts as eyes and a mouth that indeed looks like Donkey Kong's.


  • The robot's overall pattern heavily resembles that of the Giant Donkey Kong from the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong.