DK Statue

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The figurine of the DK Statue

The DK Statue is a stone statue and a collectible figurine from Mario Party DS. The DK Statue is one of the features on the board, DK's Stone Statue. The statue is actually Donkey Kong turned into stone by Dry Bones. To turn Donkey Kong into stone, Dry Bones used a spell it learned from Kamek. The spell is unknown. On the board, DK's Statue holds a log, which is the path that features the star. The statue can also be seen shaking a little. The statue is also a collectible board feature figure. It can be unlocked if the player obtains fifty stars on the DK Stone Statue board. This statue is also a secret item. The statue is a gray, stiffened Donkey Kong. The statue also holds a brown log with a grassy floor.