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This article is about the column from Super Mario World. For information about the object from Wario World, see Column (Wario World).
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
A column crushes Luigi in the Super Mario World arc of a Mario manga.

Columns[1] are large, indestructible pillars found in Super Mario World. These obstacles appear mostly in fortresses, towers, and castles, usually hidden in the floor, ceiling, or also in walls. They move slowly for some seconds, revealing themselves, before suddenly smashing almost anything on their way. After some seconds later, Columns move slowly back.

A column appears in the first volume in the Super Mario World arc of a Kodansha-published Mario manga. While Mario and Luigi are walking through Iggy Koopa's castle in an open room, Mario looks up and tries warning Luigi of a falling column, but it crushes Luigi. Mario then has to toss a crushed Luigi through a window.


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