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In a large amount of instances across official media, including video games, Koopalings are referred to using only their first names (e.g. "Larry" instead of "Larry Koopa"). The wiki has chosen to use their full names as the titles of their articles, but in the context of the aforementioned instances, the wiki's naming policy dictates that these characters should be referred to with their first names (e.g. editors should refer to Larry Koopa as "Larry" when talking about his Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appearances). Since the wiki's redirect policy discourages linking to redirects, this means editors often have to use piped links to a Koopaling's article—for instance, writing "[[Larry Koopa|Larry]]" every time they have to link to Larry Koopa's article. This may be deemed tedious and inconvenient.

The following templates have been set up to make this endeavour easier, such that simply typing in a Koopaling's first name automatically creates a piped link to their article.

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