Body Slam (Paper Mario series)

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Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Move
Body Slam
PM BodySlam.pngPM2 BodySlam.png
Mastered By Bombette and Flurrie
Attack Power 3
Rank (none)
Effect Bombette charges into an enemy
Flurrie literally flattens her enemy by slamming her body
Range One

Body Slam is a default move mastered by both Bombette and Flurrie in Paper Mario and its sequel. However, they are executed differently in each game. For Bombette, one must hold down A Button to fill up a gauge. For Flurrie, the player must move a cursor into a target. Bombette simply charges into her enemy with great force. Flurrie on the other hand literally flattens her enemies by slamming her body (hence the name body slam) onto them. Flurrie's version includes a Stylish Move.

Huff N. Puff from Paper Mario can also use this move. It does 5 damage. Same for Tubba Blubba, the only difference is the damage.

Names in other Languages[edit]

Bombette's Body Slam

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピンキーアタック
Pinkī Atakku
Pinky Attack. "Pinky" is the Japanese name for Bombette.
Spanish Carga Cuerpo Body Charge
French Charge
Chinese 撞击

Flurrie's Body Slam

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムッチムチプレス
Mucchimucchi Puresu
Mucchimucchi Press. "Mucchiri" means fatness, often describing womens' breasts.
Spanish Placaje Tackle
French Ecras'tout Slam'all