Big Shiny

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A Big Shiny Line Jump sticker.

Big Shiny is a powerful sticker variation found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, found almost exclusively in shops. They are the second strongest sticker variation, only surpassed by Megaflash stickers. Unlike weaker stickers, Big Shiny stickers are larger and take up more space in the Album; a maximum of six can be on a single Album page, as opposed to 15 small stickers; though, nearly all types of sorting involving a Big Shiny sticker result in a small amount of album space lost.

All Jump and Hammer stickers and the Big 1-UP sticker have Big Shiny variations. The Big Shiny Clone Jump is the most expensive sticker sold in shops, selling for 90 coins.


  • Only the Big Shiny Hammer, Baahammer, 1-UP, Infinijump, and Clone Jump are found outside of shops.
A Big Shiny Eekhammer. Note the blue background.
  • For unknown reasons, the Big Shiny Baahammer, Eekhammer, Burnhammer and Chillhammer have a diagonal blue background, as opposed to the standard silver.
  • The Big 1-UP sticker is the only medium-sized sticker that does not shine.