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Super Paper Mario Enemy
138 LongatorCard.png
Location(s) Planet Blobule
Max HP 12
Attack 1
Defense 0
Card Type Common
Card Location(s)
Card Description
Longators get in your face. They have no respect for your personal space-bubble
List of Catch Cards
137           138           139

Longators are enemies in Super Paper Mario. Their name is taken from the word elongate, referring to their stretching abilities, and alligator. Longators appear as two white rectangles stacked on top of each other with a friendly face on the top one. It attacks by stretching its head out to insane proportions, reaching the player from a long distance away. However, because of this, it is very easy to jump on it, as there is so much space to do so.

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Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カックン
French Elastik Pun on "élastique" (elastic)
Italian Allunghino From "allungare" (to stretch) and the suffix -ino, meaning "little"