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Trash can.png
First Appearance Donkey Kong (1994)
Latest Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2004)

Bins[1], also known as Garbage Cans[2] or Trash Cans[3], are seemingly inanimate objects found in Donkey Kong and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Mario can stand on them to reach higher areas, but he can also pick them up and throw them to defeat common enemies like Bowbows. Some enemies like Faiachūs cannot be defeated by bins, however. Once a bin hits an enemy, it falls off-screen.

Certain Bins are actually alive; once Mario tries to pick these types of bins up, they rumble, grow feet, and reveal eyes from under the lid. They then wander around aimlessly and can kill Mario if they run over him. Mario can safely stand on top of them, but they cannot be lifted normally in their debut appearance. This variation first appears in Big-City and Mario Toy Company, after their harmless counterparts are introduced.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴミ[4]
ダストマン[5][better source needed]
バケツマン[6][better source needed]
Garbage Can

Dust Man



  • In Japanese supplemental materials of Donkey Kong and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, enemy versions of the bins are respectively known as Dust Man and Bucketman, despite being nearly identical. The name change may have been to avoid unintentional association with Dust Man, a robot from the Mega Man series[citation needed].


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