The Twins' Room

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The Twins' Room
Area Area Three
Portrait Ghosts Henry and Orville
Boo Booris

The Twins' Room (Japanese: 子供部屋 Nursery) is one of the many rooms in Luigi's Mansion. It is located in the first area, but Luigi cannot enter the room until he is in the third area.

When Luigi enters The Twins' Room, he fights the room's occupants, the twins Henry and Orville. After Luigi captures the twins, he receives Mario's Shoe.


The Twins' Room is small in size and filled with childrens' toys, such as trucks on the shelf, model planes hanging from the ceiling, and a globe on a desk near the door. A pair of tennis rackets is in the corner next to a desk cluttered with books and a poster of the "Monsters" is on the wall. A Speedy Spirit is hiding in the bunk beds.

Ghosts in The Twins' Room during the blackout[edit]