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“Oh my goodness, it's Mario! My name is Tayce T. I looooove to cook! ♥”
Tayce T., Paper Mario

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Tayce T. is a Toad cook who lives in Toad Town. She appears only in Paper Mario, but she has several successors in later Paper Mario games: Zess T. in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Saffron and Dyllis in Super Paper Mario. After Mario finds the Cookbook for Tayce T. (hidden in Shy Guy's Toy Box), she can cook using up to two items per recipe.


Paper Mario[edit]

Mario in Tayce T.'s kitchen

If the player gives Tayce T. her Frying Pan (which a Shy Guy stole shortly before Chapter 4), she will bake Mario a Cake. Upon doing so, she mentions that she only bakes cakes for special people because it was a delicious Cake that won her late husband over, therefore making Cakes a heartfelt item for her to prepare. Wonky states in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door that Zess T. has an almost identical issue with Couple's Cake.

Appearances in Other Media[edit]

Tayce T. appears in the Super Mario-Kun adaption of Paper Mario. As in the game, a Shy Guy steals Tayce T.'s Frying Pan. Mario attempts to beat the Shy Guy, but he ends up beating up her instead. Soon, a Shy Guy steals her mushroom cap, revealing a shiny bald head inside, making her cry.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャシー
French Goû T From goûter (to taste)
German Omle T. Pun on "Omelette" (omelet)
Chinese 凯茜
Cathy (from iQue's localization of Paper Mario)


  • The Master is Tayce T.'s brother, as is mentioned by a certain Toad in Paper Mario. Additionally, this same Toad reveals that Tayce T. used to live in the Dojo alongside her brother before moving to her own home.
  • One of Wonky's stories in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door seems to indirectly imply that Tayce T. is Zess T.'s sister. If such a notion is to be thought of as true, then the story further reveals that Tayce T. seemed to be native to Rogueport but moved away (likely to Toad Town) at an unknown time, apparently shortly after she married her aforementioned implied husband (who may have therefore been from Rogueport) or Zess T. was born in Toad Town and moved to Rogueport.
  • According to a Toad near her house, she was taught to cook by a Goomba implied as Gooma.
  • Behind the sign in Toad Town a gossip loving Toad writes "Miss Tayce T.'s Cooking class will be cancelled for a while. Miss T. is very sad to make this announcement. Her beauty has faded because of her sadness. You'd better not eat dishes cooked by Miss T. or you might just turn pale." This is posted right after Bootler scares the Toad guard near Forever Forest.