Super Mario Compact Disco

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The cover of the album.

Super Mario Compact Disco is an album released only in Japan on August 1, 1993. It features a collection of songs performed by the Ambassadors of Funk, all of them set to remixes of music from Mario games. In-between songs, the main singer, calling himself MC Mario, provides interstitials, as if running a radio show. It is now available in the United States through as an mp3 album or manufacture on-demand CD.[1]

Track Listing[edit]

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Super Mario Bros. Theme
  3. Radio Compact Disco 1
  4. Super Mario Land Theme
  5. Radio Compact Disco 2
  6. Go, Mario, Go! (Underground and Chai Kingdom music from Super Mario Land)
  7. King of the Koopas (Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1 map music)
  8. Radio Compact Disco 3
  9. Mario & Yoshi music 1
  10. Invincible Mario
  11. Super Mario World theme
  12. Radio Compact Disco 4
  13. Save Me (With Your Charm) (Mario Paint)
  14. Radio Compact Disco 5
  15. Super Mario Kart theme
  16. Super Mario USA theme
  17. Radio Compact Disco 6
  18. Six Golden Coins (Super Mario Land 2 theme)
  19. Radio Compact Disco 7
  20. Mario Theme (Reprise)


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