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This article is about jewels from Luigi's Mansion. For information about other uses of the term "Stone", see here.
Luigi finds a Blue Stone.

Stones, also called Jewels, are valuable collectibles found in the game Luigi's Mansion. There are three different colors of Stones, each with their own name:

  • Blue Sapphires (500,000G each)
  • Green Emeralds (800,000G)
  • Red Rubies (1,000,000G)

Ten of each color can be found in the Mansion, totaling 23,000,000G. To find them all, Luigi has to water all the plants he can find, examine a variety of objects such as buckets, gutters and gold chandeliers, catch Speedy Spirits, and light up all the rooms in the mansion except for the third and Basement floor hallways.