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Full Name Skowl, the Startling
Species Hootz
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)

Skowl, the Startling is the second boss in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is the boss of Autumn Heights area, appearing in the level Mountaintop Tussle. Before the battle, Skowl is seen smashing a banana with a large mallet, much to the Kongs' dismay.

General Information[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Skowl is a large, gray owl with a thick, braided beard and a brown chest plate. He has thick, white eyebrows, yellow eyes, and orange talons and beak. Skowl wears a viking helmet with antler horns and the viking insignia in the middle. When his health is down one third, the tips of Skowl's feathers turn red. When his health drops to two thirds, his feathers turn bright red.


Initially, Skowl's attacks are limited to shooting a wide fan of feather missiles and summoning eggs which damage the Kongs if they hit them from below. Some of these eggs contain small Hootz, which can be jumped on and used as projectiles against Skowl. During the later phases of the battle, when the arena is in the air, Skowl also gains the ability to summon windstorms, use a harder-to-avoid feather projectile attack, call in fleets of flying Pointy Tuck minions and do a swooping talon attack across the battlefield.


To defeat Skowl, the player will have to stun one of the mini Hootz and pick it up. The player has to throw the mini Hootz at Skowl to damage him. After Skowl has been hit nine times, he will be defeated. On a side note, players can only jump on Skowl when he loses his helmet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Mountaintop Tussle[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese お山の大将 スカール
Oyama no Taishō Sukāru
Mountain King Sukāru
Spanish Combate en la cumbre Combat at the Summit
French Le hululeur des hauteurs The Hooing Heights
German Affenaufstand Ape Uprising


Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカール
Spanish Björn, el Buhomante Buho (owl) + diamante/adamante (diamond); Björn, the Diamond Owl
German Gruhusel, der Unuhustifter


  • Skowl has quite a few similarities to Hoo from Super Princess Peach. They are both the second boss of their respective games, both are owls, both release eggs that spawn smaller owl-like enemies, both are fought atop a tree, and both fly for the majority of the battle.