Professor Elvin Gadd's Lab

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Not to be confused with The Lab, the main lab room inside E. Gadd's home in Luigi's Mansion.
Professor Elvin Gadd's Lab
E. Gadd Outside Lab LM.png
Greater Location Thwomp Volcano (first lab)
Boo Woods (current lab)
Capital N/A
Ruler Professor E. Gadd
Inhabitants Humans, Ghosts
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
The LabGhost Portrificationizer RoomTraining RoomGallery
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Professor Elvin Gadd's Lab is the home of Professor Elvin Gadd. The lab used to be much smaller when it was located on Thwomp Mountain (as seen in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time); however, after the volcanic eruption destroyed his lab, he moved to a new and improved location in Boo Woods.

The lab first appears in Luigi's Mansion. It contains a Gallery which used to house all of the ghosts which haunt Luigi's Mansion before the events of the game. In addition, it also has a laboratory, a Ghost Portrificationizer, and a Training Room.

E. Gadd also has a garage as a game board as seen in Mario Party 6.