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Appeared in Mario Party
Theme Jungle
Unlockable No

“Here in the jungle stand the mysterious ruins. Rumor has it that a great treasure is hidden here. If you look for this treasure, surely one of you will find it.”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party

DK's Jungle Adventure is Donkey Kong's board in Mario Party. It is the first board overall and one of the two to have a difficulty level of only one Star, the other being Mario's Rainbow Castle.


The players must find a "treasure" in the ancient ruins, as Koopa says. However, the chest needs a key to be opened, and the characters start the contest to decide who can try to open the chest.

When the last turn ends and the Bonus Stars are assigned, the player with more Stars generates a giant Star that acts like a key to open the chest. The treasure reveals to be a Golden Banana Bunch. The winner then takes the Banana along with the second and third players, Toad, a Whomp, a Boo and Koopa. The forth player is chased away by the rolling boulder.


The board is well know to have multiple paths that leads to the start: however, the player must pay or have a certain number of Coins to pass. It also have multiple Happening Spaces in all the board.

Space counter[edit]

Blue Spaces: 59
Red Spaces: 7
Happening Spaces: 9
Chance Space: 0
Mini-Game Spaces: 4
Mushroom Spaces: 3
Bowser Spaces: 2
Total Spaces: 84


If the player pass near a Whomp, they is gives the possibility to pay 10 Coins to pass on the side of the road that the Whomp is blocking. By doing so, the Whomp moves and blocks the other path. The player can even not pay and proceed to the free road. There are three Whomps on the board.

There are two Coin Stones that block a path. However, they can't move and lets the player pass only if the player have 20 Coins. If this happens, the stone hides, letting the player to choose the path. Unlike the Whomps, the player don't need to pay to pass.

There are nine Happening Spaces. If the player lands on one of these spaces, a rolling boulder starts to roll from the upright corner, passes over the pitfall and changes direction (from left to down) by hitting an hazard. Then it exits by a path that the players can't take. Bowser will be on a stone, watching. If someone is on the rolling boulder's path, they'll run until they'll reach the southern bridge, that they'll take to prevent get struck by the boulder.

Bowser is behind a Coin Stone. If the player passes by, Bowser forces they to buy an useless Golden Bowser Statuette for 10 Coins.



  • "Supposedly, there is treasure hidden somewhere in the ruins. Do you really think so?"
  • "Rumor has it that the treasure is a banana made of gold. Did you know that?"
  • "The ruin has many traps set in it, so be careful."
  • "Be courageous, don't let the traps get you, and keep on searching. Surely, the treasure can be found."
  • "You need a "key" to find the treasure, but where is the "key" to be found?"
  • "It's just a hunch, but doesn't the stone coffin above the altar look a little strange? Doesn't it?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French La jungle de DK DK's jungle