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super Mario bos... I mean bros.

super mario bros is a game for the nes. it was marios.... 3rd game. I think. anyway the game had Mario (a fat plumber) to save princess toadstool (her name is peach now). mario sometimes got helped by.... icecream! no not icecream you silly I just saw icecream that's all. he got helped by luigi (his younger but taller brother). the bad guy was bowser who really liked stealing princesses for unknown reasons.

ignore this I don't know why I put it here.

any way stop farting lucas! sorry talking about my dog. bowser had many minions such as....

  • ninja turtles. villians in a half shell! no not really he had koopas.
  • green pigs. no he had goombas.
  • um cant think of anything else for some reason.

so... luigi went on an adventure with his younger brother Mario. wait wrong way around.

the game was made by famous video game maker shigeru miyamoto. here is his exsact words when he finished making the game: I very proud of my self. I hope this game bring much much fun to people. yes those where his exact words. so I guess this is all the time I have for now so bye!

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