Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers

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Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers
Mariopre2.jpgMario Numbers.jpg
Developer(s) The Software Toolworks (Mindscape)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System MS-DOS
Release date USA September 1994
Genre Educational
Mode(s) Single player
Media Cartridge, Floppy Disk
Super Nintendo:
Home Computer System:

Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers is an educational Mario game that taught numbers and basic geometry/sorting to children. It was released for the SNES and PC in September 1994 (the other two games in the Mario's Early Years! series, Fun with Letters and Preschool Fun, were released in October and November of that year respectively). The player may use a SNES Mouse, though this is optional.

The game takes place on a set of islands to which Mario, Yoshi and Princess Peach sail. The player can click one of the islands to enter, after which the player sees Luigi asleep. Once the player clicks him, various activities must be performed to learn.


  • Number World: The player attempts to find the numbers and click them to advance to the next level. This island is a series of city-related locations.
  • Counting World: The player attempts to click objects in Mario's Bedroom and Mario's Kitchen to learn to count. The player can leave by clicking the Warp Pipe.
  • Comparing World: The player attempts to find an object (i.e "find the medium-size swing" or "find some water") to learn about things to compare; this island features a park.
  • How Many World: The player attempts to click the item with a number to increase their ability to count i.e. "Find the 8 peanuts in the bag", or "Find the four whiskers". This island features a zoo.
  • Shape World: The player must click on a given shape when directed to do so.
  • Same and Different World: Given a set of items, the player must select the one that is least related to the others. This game occurs at midnight
  • Sorting World: The player attempts to pick the item that is similar to something (i.e "Pick a triangle").

PC Version differences[edit]

The PC version of the game is generally the same, but with some differences due to system, increased space, etc...

  • Options are included to turn off music/sounds/voice clips, Randomize the questions asked or to show text on worlds that have it.
  • A help screen is included with tips on how to continue the learning outside of the program.
  • Only Mario and Princess Toadstool are playable characters.
  • Various Background graphic differences
  • A new world was added in Sing Song Fun World.


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