List of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island beta elements

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This is a list of beta elements for the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Early iteration[edit]

Nintendo marketing department initially pressured Shigeru Miyamoto to have the game use prerendered 3D sprites similar to Donkey Kong Country[1]. The 3D models of Baby Mario and Yoshi used in the introduction might be leftovers of this period of development.

Unused data[edit]

This game code includes sprites for what appears to be several forms that didn't make the final cut: Among them, a mushroom, a tree, and a plane (which was likely replaced by the Helicopter).

Several sprites from Super Mario All-Stars are present in the final release's code. These include Tweeters, a Super Mario All-Stars Shy Guy and Bob-ombs using the wrong palette. There is also a frowning, rock-like block present in the game's coding, and, perhaps even more oddly, a hulking, barrel-throwing, tie-clad Ukiki that seems to deliberately resemble Donkey Kong. There is also a Biting Bullet Bill that is fully functional but is unused. Finally, there is a Yoshi Egg frame never seen elsewhere.[2] When viewed the Japanese version in ROM form, there also unused Mini-Battles sprites, such as a Shy Guy, a shiny sphere, Baby Mario (this originally want Baby Mario to Watch Yoshi in Mini-Battles), and obviously, a Bandit's face in a shocking expression (originally meant to be using facial expressions on the Bandit, as used when Bandit loses in the Throwing Balloons Mini-Battles.). There is also three unused Mini-Battles. IF you have the PAR (Pro Action Replay) codes the tree is playable, but freezes the game, and so is the mushroom, but you become a Blank Yoshi.


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