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Paper Mario Enemy
Koopa Bros.
Koopa bros.png
Max HP 5 each
Attack 1 each
Defense 1 each
Location(s) Koopa Bros. Fortress
Bowser's Castle (Never actually fought)

Moves Spin (attack power equal to how many Koopas there are)
-Spinning Tower: The Koopa Bros. have formed a tall Koopa tower! Max HP: ?, Attack Power: ?, Defense Power: ? I'm not sure about this... They do a spinning attack with the whole gang piled high atop one another. Hit 'em with a Hammer or something to make 'em unstable. After that, any attack should knock 'em down. If you use an explosion, you can make 'em fall down at once. If you flip 'em over, the battle will nearly be ours! Beat 'em one by one!
- Red: He's the Koopa Bros. leader.
- Black: Black is pretty fashionable...
- Yellow: Yellow reminds me of curry. Isn't that a weird thing to think of in the middle of a battle?
- Green: He looks exactly the same as a normal Koopa Troopa.
- General description for all: He has a little bit of defense power, but you can turn him over by jumping on him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa. Let's flip him over quick! Otherwise, the Bros. may form a tower and do their famous spinning attack!
- Disguised as Toads: He's a funny color for a Toad.
  • Red: I've never seen him before.
  • Black: He reminds me of someone though... But who?
  • Yellow: You know, I don't think I want to know this guy. He looks like bad news.
  • Green: He looks...a little off. He's trying to be cool, but he's failing big time.

“HI-YAAA! Here come the Koopa Bros.!! Uh-huh! Oh yeah! We're the coolest of cool!”
Koopa Bros., Paper Mario

The Koopa Bros. are a quartet of costumed ninja Koopa Troopas, and a spoof of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Koopa Bros. consist of Green Ninjakoopa, Yellow Ninjakoopa, Black Ninjakoopa (blue in its artwork) and the leader, Red Ninjakoopa. They are followers of Bowser and his Koopa Troop, and while they are all egotistical and obsessed with being cool, they have a great deal of respect for the Koopa King and for each other. They have been entrusted by Bowser with Eldstar, and the first Star Spirit Guardians Mario has to defeat. The theme that plays during the fight with the Koopa Bros is a cover version of the Hammer Bros. theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.



It is mentioned by several characters throughout Paper Mario that the Koopa Bros. were originally inhabitants of Koopa Village, apparently living in it around the same time as Kent C. Koopa. Eventually, the Koopa Bros. grew tired of Koopa Village, finding its serene environment and lack of excitement boring. The Koopa Bros. eventually left Koopa Village and traveled to Koopa Bros. Fortress (which was apparently then in ruin), whose Bob-ombs they seemingly befriended.

The Koopa Bros. eventually became conceited and corrupted due to the influence of Bowser and Kammy Koopa, who had taken a liking to them. Enslaving the Bob-ombs inhabiting Koopa Bros. Fortress (which they seemingly then rebuilt), the Koopa Bros. worked them non-stop, and if they rebelled, imprisoned them. When Bowser stole the wish-granting Star Rod and imprisoned the Star Spirits, the Koopa King entrusted the elder Star Spirit, Eldstar, to the Koopa Bros.

Paper Mario[edit]

The Koopa Bros. introduce themselves.

The Koopa Bros. first appear in Paper Mario in Princess Peach's Castle after the Goomba King's defeat, where they reassure both Kammy Koopa and Bowser that they can stop Mario, and also show them a technique, which impresses Bowser; the Koopa Bros. are later sent running from Princess Peach's Castle after informing Bowser that they did not actually post someone to guard the captured Eldstar, a show of incompetence and lack of thought which infuriates the Koopa king.

The Koopa Bros. as Toads

At first, the Koopa Bros. simply attempt to stop Mario from reaching Pleasant Path and their fortress by disguising themselves as dark colored Toads under the name Nash T. and blocking the path to those locations, saying that dangers lurked there. With help from Merlon, who sees through the Koopa Bros.' disguise, Mario is able to cause them to retreat. The Koopa Bros. attempt to impede Mario's progress in Pleasant Path as well, creating various obstacles and having various minions patrol the area.

When Black Ninjakoopa finds that Mario and his allies have reached Koopa Bros. Fortress, he alerts his brothers and they proceed to set about making various traps and obstacles in their home, all of which Mario passes. In a last-ditch effort to stop Mario, Red Ninjakoopa has his brothers set up three Bill Blasters on top of the fortress, which Mario likewise manages to overcome. Reaching the Koopa Bros. at last, Mario, before he can fight the Bros. themselves, has to battle their creation, a poorly constructed facsimile of Bowser. When their fake Bowser is destroyed, the Koopa Bros. attack Mario using a whirling tower attack. Regardless, Mario still defeats them, sending them tumbling into the prison of their own fortress, incapable of escaping.

After the Koopa Bros. defeat, a letter from them meant for Mario can be found at Mario's House; the letter is filled with threats uttered by them at Mario, with the Koopa Bros. swearing revenge on him. Also, for a short while after their defeat, the Koopa Bros. are found in the prison of their fortress. However, if Mario visits it later, they are gone, indicating that they managed to escape. There is also a piece of Toad Town News about their defeat.

In Chapter 4-6, the Koopa Bros. are said to "rule the street" according to the scribble on the back side of the Toad Town notice board.

Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. the Great

The Koopa Bros. later appear at Bowser's Castle under the employ of the castle's third Guard Door; the Koopa Bros., who claim to have become stronger (even renaming themselves "the Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. the Great") prepare to fight Mario when Jr. Troopa appears and simply knocks them aside easily.

During the ending parade of Paper Mario, the Koopa Bros. appear riding a float built from the remains of their old Bowser construct. As the Koopa Bros. strike a pose, several Bob-ombs appear and explode near them, covering them in soot.

In addition, a Koopa Brother can be seen watching the Chuck Quizmo show.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

KoopaBros SuperMarioKun.jpg

The Koopa Bros. appeared in Super Mario-Kun, a Japan-exclusive manga. In their first appearance in Super Mario-Kun, the Koopa Bros. appeared to attack Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in a platform-filled area, taking on various disguises and using shell-like shurikens in combat.


Red Ninjakoopa[edit]


The leader of the Koopa Bros., Red Ninjakoopa has authority over his siblings and seems to come up with their plans. When Mario reaches the roof of the Koopa Bros. Fortress, Red Ninjakoopa has the other three Koopa Bros. open fire on him with a barrage of Bullet Bills.

Black Ninjakoopa[edit]


Black Ninjakoopa is the possible second-in-command of the Koopa Bros. and the one seen apart from his brothers most often. When Mario reaches Koopa Bros. Fortress, it's Black Ninjakoopa who reports this to Red Ninjakoopa and his other brothers, who increase their bases' security accordingly. Additionally, when Mario first enters the chamber where he battles the Koopa Bros., it's Black Ninjakoopa who appears to greet him, before leaving with Red Ninjakoopa to pilot the Bowser???.

The Black Ninjakoopa is colored blue in the official artwork, but this was most likely a mistake on the artist's part.

Yellow Ninjakoopa[edit]


When Mario gets deeper into the Koopa Bros. Fortress, Yellow Ninjakoopa sets a trap for him; when Mario hits a rigged ? Block, a trapdoor opens beneath him and sends him falling into the Koopa Bros.' dungeon; as Mario falls, Yellow Ninjakoopa taunts and jeers at him.

However, Yellow Ninjakoopa's plan of trapping Mario in the dungeon backfires, as Mario meets Bombette in the dungeon and also manages to break several other Bob-ombs out of it. He is apparently the third-in-command of the Koopa Bros.

Green Ninjakoopa[edit]


Upon being alerted to Mario's arrival at the Koopa Bros. Fortress by Mario, Green Ninjakoopa takes defense precautions and has a key sealed away and guarded. When Mario finds Green Ninjakoopa while he is doing this, the Koopa Bro taunts Mario and flees. He also appears to be the last-in-command of the Koopa Bros.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコブロス
Noko Bros.

Noko Red

Noko Black

Noko Green

Noko Yellow
Spanish Hermanos Koopa
Ninjakoopa Rojo
Ninjakoopa Negro
Ninjakoopa Verde
Ninjakoopa Amarillo
French Frères Koopa
Ninjakoopa Rouge
Ninjakoopa Noir
Ninjakoopa Jaune
Ninjakoopa Vert
Koopa Brothers
Red Ninjakoopa
Black Ninjakoopa
Yellow Ninjakoopa
Green Ninjakoopa
German Koopa-Brüder
Koopa Brothers (the names are indications of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's names as well as their colors)
Italian for 'tomato'
Italian for 'eggplant'
Italian for 'asparagus'
Italian for 'lemon'
Chinese 诺库兄弟
Koopa brothers


  • Red Ninjakoopa is the only member of the Koopa Bros. to wear an outfit that matches one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' outfits. He and Raphael both wear red.
    • However, prior to the 1987 cartoon, all of the turtles had worn red.
    • Black Ninjakoopa did have a blue outfit (Leonardo's signature color) in the official artwork, though.
  • Their appearance marks the second TMNT reference in the Mario series. The first was an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, known as Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas.