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The playable members of the Kong Family in Donkey Kong 64.

The Kong Family is the name given to the Kong relatives and friends of Donkey Kong. The patriarch of the family is Cranky Kong, the original Donkey Kong. In the Donkey Kong series of video games, members of the Kong Family are either playable characters or supporting characters that aid the main heroes on their journey. They seem to be in constant conflict with the Kremling Krew, an organization bent on stealing the family's Banana Hoard and destroying Donkey Kong Island.

Members of the Kong Family[edit]

Donkey Kong's family[edit]

Dixie Kong's family[edit]

  • Chunky Kong — Kiddy Kong's older brother, Dixie and Tiny Kong's cousin.
  • Dixie Kong — Diddy Kong's girlfriend, Tiny Kong's older sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong's cousin.
  • Kiddy Kong — Chunky Kong's younger brother, Dixie and Tiny Kong's cousin.
  • Tiny Kong — Dixie Kong's younger sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong's cousin.


Additionally, the villainous Manky Kongs are described as "Kong reject orangutans"[2].


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