Joy (Super Princess Peach)

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This article is about the special move that Princess Peach uses. For information about the character that appeared in the GBC version of Mario Tennis, see here.
Joy Peach.
Peach using Joy.

Joy is one of Peach's Vibes in Super Princess Peach. It allows Peach to float in the air and reach high platforms. However, in some areas of the game, she is unable to use it as doing so would allow her to skip a puzzle in the level. It is used by touching the yellow heart. The Joy Vibe can be used to defeat enemies, as well as getting past obstacles like blocking clouds and huge water spouts. Also the music gets four times faster when Princess Peach uses this vibe.

Along with Princess Peach, several enemies throughout the game, such as Hoo, can utilize the Joy vibe.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Joie
Dutch Plezier
German Freude