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This article is about the jumping fire enemy in Super Mario Galaxy. For information about the blue fire enemy in the Paper Mario series, see Ember. For the similar looking ice enemies, see Li'l Brr.
Blue Lava Bubble
Lava Bouncer.png
A Blue Lava Bubble from Super Mario Galaxy.
First Appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)
Parent Species Lava Bubble

The Blue Lava Bubble first appeared in Super Princess Peach they only appear in Bowser's Villa in 8-2 8-3 8-4 8-5 and 8-8 where they jump out of blue lava and follow the player. the player must trick the lava bubble into touching a fire cup once all are lit you will be able to move on to the next area.

A line of Blue Lava Bubbles from Super Mario 3D World.

Blue Lava Bubbles appear again in Super Mario Galaxy. These Lava Bubbles first appear in the Good Egg Galaxy during King Kaliente's battle where he will summon them to aid him during battle. They are unleashed in the middle of the battle once Mario knocks King Kaliente's crown off after the second time Mario hits him. They make the battle more difficult, bouncing around the Magma Planet and hurting Mario as he battles the colossal boss. They appear while fighting King Kaliente in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor, but they also appear before the boss. Finally, they appear in the Melty Molten Galaxy, guarding a Silver Star in 'Burning Tide' and Star Chips in 'Through the Meteor Storm'.

They seem to closely resemble Li'l Brrs, but are fiery instead of icy. The only way to defeat them is to shoot Star Bits at them, which will make them drop a coin. They reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Boss Blitz Galaxy where they once again aid King Kaliente in battle. When King Kaliente is defeated all Blue Lava Bubbles will vanish.

They reappear again in Super Mario 3D World, acting the same as their red counterparts, and are found only in stages with blue lava.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Ectopodoboo From Podoboo (other French name for "Lava Bubble")