Gold Ring (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

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This article is about the golden rings from New Super Mario Bros. 2. For information about the item from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, see Gold Ring.
Gold Ring
A big golden ring.

First Appearance

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012)

Effect on Player

Turns some enemies into golden coin-producing versions of themselves.

Gold Rings are objects that appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They are similar in appearance to the Coin Rings from Super Mario 3D Land. If Mario or Luigi passes through one of these, all enemies will turn golden[1], twinkling effects are added to the game screen and the music slightly changes with "sparkly" sounds added to it. If Mario is in Gold Mario form, he will earn more coins than usual.

Most golden enemies leave trails of coins behind as they move, or even throw coins instead of their usual projectiles and five coins are given for each defeated enemy. If multiple enemies are defeated consecutively (either by stomping on them without touching the ground or using a Koopa Troopa shell), the number of coins earned is 10, 15 and 20 for the second, third and fourth enemies, respectively. After four enemies, 50 coins are given for each consecutive enemy. However, in the E3 trailer of New Super Mario Bros. 2, only 5 coins were given even when golden enemies were defeated in succession.

Enemies list[edit]

Name Description
Boo species Leaves behind coins as they float away from Mario/Luigi.
Bullet Bill species Leaves rows of coins behind as they fly, similar to Koopa Troopas.
Cheep-Cheep Has a trail of five coins following it as it leaps out of the water.
Goomba Acts just like normal Goombas.
Hammer Bro species Throws three coins at a time.
Koopa species Leaves a trail of coins behind in its wake when its shell is kicked.
Lakitu Drops three coins at a time, similar to Lakitus that spawn from Lakitu Blocks in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Lakitu's Cloud When ridden, the cloud generates coins similar to the Gold Block.
Piranha Plant in pipe When defeated, coins spout out of the pipe they were found.
Spiny Turns into coins, much like the silver P-Switch's effects on them in Super Mario World.



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