Genie of Aladdin's Lamp

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The Genie, having been released from Aladdin's Lamp.

“Not so fast!, Not so bumpy!”
Genie of Aladdin's Lamp, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

The Genie of Aladdin's Lamp is a powerful genie who inhabits said lamp. She is extremely cranky and obnoxious and appeared in the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Mario's Magic Carpet".

In the episode, Mario and Luigi obtained Aladdin's Lamp from the treasures of Sultan Pasbah. They rubbed it, summoning the Genie, who had extreme difficulty escaping Aladdin's Lamp, which remained stuck on her foot.

After her summoning, the Genie was asked by Mario to save Princess Toadstool, who was about to be sold by Sultan Pasbah to King Koopa. Attempting to use a magic spell, the Genie only succeeded in creating a horrific stench and a black fog (a magic smell).

This smell and fog ended-up allowing King Koopa to successfully kidnap Princess Toadstool and speed her away on his flying carpet. Chasing after King Koopa, the Genie was asked by Mario to give him, Luigi and Toad the power of flight, so they could chase King Koopa. At first, the Genie refused to cast the flight spell, saying it would drain her power, eventually though, the Genie agreed after Mario offered to pay her a coin. Unfortunately, the spell simply launched Mario, Luigi and Toad directly upward through the air instead of allowing them to fly.

Later, the Genie traveled with Mario, Luigi and Toad on their recently purchased flying carpet, complaining the entire time. It was only after Princess Toadstool was rescued from the quicksand King Koopa had dumped her in that the Genie decided to abandon Mario. Re-entering Aladdin's Lamp, the Genie threw herself off Mario's magic carpet, only to land in the front seat of King Koopa's own flying carpet.

Exiting Aladdin's Lamp, the Genie proceeded to pester and annoy King Koopa, much to the amusement of Mario, Toad, Luigi and Princess Toadstool.