Frog Switch Block

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The transparent Frog Switch Blocks, preventing Wario from accessing an area.
The solid Frog Switch Blocks, after hitting the Frog Switch, allowing Wario to access an area.

The Frog Switch Block, or Frog Block appears in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. These blocks have frog faces on them. They can either appear solid (Wario is not able to walk through them, but can walk on them), or transparent (Wario is able to walk through them, but not on them). Depending on whether Wario has hit the Frog Switch, the blocks will change their appearances (e.g. all transparent blocks will become solid, and all solid blocks will become transparent). Some new areas are only accessible by hitting the Frog Switch, so the player may have to find the rest of the Jewel Pieces or maybe even Keyzer within a time limit.

In the level Hotel Horror, a few of the red doors have a Frog Switch Block sign. These kinds of doors will only unlock once the Frog Switch has been hit. The level Domino Row contains a unique type of Frog Switch Block. Only the top half of the block is filled in, and Wario is able to move upwards through the block, while still using it as a place to stand.