Crazy Eight

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Crazy Eight
A blue number eight.

First Appearance

Mario Kart 8 (2014)

Effect on Player

Grants the racer eight items to use in the race.
The Crazy Eight in action.

The Crazy Eight is a new item that is introduced in Mario Kart 8. Very much like its precedent from Mario Kart 7, the Lucky Seven, the Crazy 8 gives players 8 items to use at once, circling around the kart where other racers can feel their effects if they run into one. The only difference between the Lucky Seven and Crazy Eight is that the Crazy Eight contains a coin item as well as the other items the Lucky Seven has. The name is based on a popular card game, Crazy Eights.

Items included[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクル8
Mirakuru 8
Miracle 8
Spanish Ocho loco Crazy eight
French Grand 8 Great 8 (also means "Rollercoaster")
Dutch Mega-8 Mega 8
German Wunderacht Wondereight
Italian Otto matto Crazy eight
Russian Безумная Восьмерка
Bezumnaya Vos'merka
Crazy Eight


  • The track Mario Circuit is based on the Mobius strip, likewise with the Crazy Eight's logo.
  • In Hyrule Circuit the coin in the Crazy Eight is replaced with a rupee.