Chomp Rock Zone

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Chomp Rock Zone
World-Level 4-5
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Notes This level will require the player to use Chomp Rocks to get by enemies, find secrets, and other things.
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The Chomp Rock Zone is the fifth level in World 4 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. As the name implies, in this level, the player will have to deal with Chomp Rocks, scattered through the stage.


Purple Yoshi starts the level in a hill, with a Chomp Rock and a Hint Block. Yoshi can push this Chomp Rock to defeat the enemies in his way, including a Beach Koopa and Tap-Taps. Then, Yoshi will find four posts, which can be destroyed by using a Ground Pound. In the right, defeating a couple of Shy Guys, Yoshi will find a room, in which he can use a Green Shell to defeat a line of Koopa Troopas and earn a life. Destroying the posts, Yoshi will find a gray Chomp Rock, that must be pushed down a hill, defeating various enemies in its way. There is also an invisible ? Cloud in the Chomp Rock spot, containing stars. In the end of the long hill, Yoshi will find more posts, requiring Ground Pounds. Here, Yoshi must hit a ? Cloud, causing a platform to appear. This platform allows Yoshi to push the Chomp Rock. He can use it then to reach a tall plain with a Flower. Progressing through the level, Yoshi will find a pipe spawning Shy Guys, to replinish Yoshi's Eggs. Yoshi must use the Chomp Rock to destroy orange blocks, leading to a hill. In this part, Baron von Zeppelins will attempt to harm Yoshi by throwing Bombs at him. There is also a Fly Guy holding a Red Coin. Melon Bugs can also be found here. After this section, Yoshi will encounter a Middle Ring, and will have to push the Chomp Rock through various hills, defeating various enemies. He'll also have to ground pound a pillar, to open the way to the Chomp Rock. In the bottom of these hills, Yoshi will use the Chomp Rock to reach a Flower and some Red Coins. After this, Yoshi must ground pound various pillars, in order to open the way to the Chomp Rock; The way is a bridge of Dotted Line Blocks, activated by presssing the ! Switch. He'll then gain access to a door, leading to the second part of the stage. Here, Yoshi will find a Eggo-Dil, and a Chomp Rock, used to destroy the high amount of enemies ahead. Yoshi must then hit a ? Cloud, causing a stair to appear, leading to a tall hill. In this part, Yoshi can ground pound a platform, cauisng it to become flat, and allowing him to enter a Warp Pipe leading to a Bonus Area. In this Bonus Area, Yoshi must throw an egg to a Green Glove and then jump, causing the Green Glove to hit a flower with the egg. Right after the Warp Pipe, Yoshi will find the goal, with some Koopa Paratroopas bouncing along the floor.

Enemies found[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もてっけ ワンワンいわ
Motekke Wanwan Iwa
Take that! Chomp Rock
German Rock'n Roll -
Chinese 滾往往石/滚往往石
Gǔn wǎngwǎng shí
Rolling Chomp Rock