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“I'm the one who should be steamed! Bad Chain Chomp!”
Chomp Keeper, Super Mario Sunshine

The Chomp Keeper talking to Mario.

The Chomp Keeper is a bright red female Pianta from Pianta Village who owns many Chain Chomplets and a giant Chain Chomp. She is quite temperamental and doesn't seem to take very good care of her Chomps, but nonetheless she still cares about them and knows what they need when they're ill, as shown when she informed Mario about how to get rid of her Chomp's fever.


Chain Chomplets[edit]

Three Chain Chomplets appeared in the first episode of Pianta Village, "Chain Chomplets Unchained". They were running amok across the village and leaving Lava Goop everywhere because of their high fever; luckily, Mario was able to cool them off by putting them in the rejuvenating lake. After they were healed, they took on a silver color and gave Mario a Shine Sprite.

Chain Chomp[edit]

The Chomp Keeper's Chain Chomp

A giant Chain Chomp with a large scar on his head appeared in the fourth episode "Chain Chomp's Bath". He was boiling with rage because he did not wish to take a bath. Thankfully, Mario was able to get him to the hot springs and give him his bath. After he calmed down, he took on a gold color and gave Mario a Shine Sprite.