Chef Torte's Apprentice

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The Apprentice and his master defending their cake.

Chef Torte's Apprentice is the student of one of the greatest chefs in the world, Chef Torte. Like Chef Torte, the Apprentice is a Terrapin. The two work together in the Marrymore wedding chapel, baking great wedding cakes. Although Torte constantly bosses around and insults his young Apprentice, the chef-in-training doesn't seem to mind the abuse.


During the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Chef Torte and his Apprentice are charged with creating the world's greatest wedding cake for Booster and Toadstool's wedding. The two work day and night creating a masterpiece of confectionery perfection. When all is said and done, Torte and his Apprentice create the massive Bundt wedding cake. The two rush the cake over to the ceremony, but find it interrupted by Mario, who had rescued Toadstool and ended the wedding. Of course, with no wedding, no one would be able to taste the perfect Bundt cake. Enraged, both Chef Torte and his Apprentice attack Mario and his allies.

In battle, Chef Torte's Apprentice attack by furiously slapping his opponents. Although his attacks are weak, the Apprentice and Torte are invulnerable (as they are merely needed for story purposes). Instead of attacking the chefs, Mario and his team concentrate their attacks on the Bundt wedding cake.

After taking enough damage, Bundt begins to move. Shocked, the Apprentice taps his master on the shoulder (and inadvertently hurts Torte in the process). The Apprentice tells Torte that the cake moved. Torte looks behind himself, sees a still cake, and insults his Apprentice, telling him to get back to work. Although the Apprentice swears he saw the cake move, he nonetheless obeys his master. However, when the cake moves a second time, the Apprentice knows his eyes are not playing tricks on him. He taps his master again and Torte turns around a second time. This time, however, Bundt continues to move and actually comes alive. As it turns out, Bundt is so perfect, the cake becomes a living monster. Frightened to death, the Apprentice and his master run for their lives, leaving Mario and his allies to fight the monstrous wedding cake.

Later in the game, Torte and his Apprentice begin working on another wedding cake.


  • Strangely, Chef Torte and his Apprentice are both named "Torte" in battle.