Chain-Chomp Challenge

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The mini-game Chain-Chomp Challenge.

Chain-Chomp Challenge is a sport minigame found in Mario Power Tennis. Four players must feed Chain Chomps with tennis balls to score points. The player must take care when a Bob-omb is shot out, because the Chomp becomes angry and red. If the Chain Chomp is hit by another Bob-omb, it will break free and chase the player in front of them. The player must reach the water nozzle button to calm it with a spray of water. Water balls also appear, which calm angry red chain Chomps, but if a water ball hits a black Chain Chomp, it will fall asleep. If the player tries to hit a sleeping Chain Chomp with tennis balls, the player won't gain points, unless the player wakes up the chomp with a Bob-omb. A red Chain Chomp gives to the player two points while a black one gives one point. It is also possible to hit Bob-ombs and water balls to one of your opponents' Chain Chomps, thus causing them to chase their owners or fall asleep. When time runs out, the player with the most points is the winner.

The game takes place in the Wario Factory.


Name Difficulty Condition (Gamecube Version Only)
Peckish Chomp Easy All players have the same number of points (zero) to start with.
Hungry Chomp Normal Opponents have a ten point advantage.
Famished Chomp Hard Opponents have a thirty point advantage.