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This article is about the boxes found at the end of every normal level in Super Mario Bros. 3. For information about the blocks first seen in Super Mario World, see Roulette Block.
SMB3 Roulettebox.gif
Mario heading towards a Roulette Box.

A Roulette Box is a box found at the end of the levels in Super Mario Bros. 3. It quickly switches between three item cards: a Super Mushroom, a Fire Flower, or a Star.

A Roulette Box in the Super Mario All-Stars remake.

The Roulette Box must be hit in order to finish the level. Hitting it will result in getting the item card on the box at the time it is hit, displaying the message, "COURSE CLEAR! YOU GOT A CARD" ("LEVEL CLEAR! YOU GOT A PANEL" in Super Mario Advance 4). Receiving three cards of any type will result in Mario or Luigi receiving a 1-Up. However, if three cards of the same type are collected, Mario or Luigi will get a number of 1-ups that correspond to the type of item. Getting three Mushroom cards will result in two extra lives, getting three Fire Flower cards will result in three extra lives, and getting three Star cards will result in five extra lives. In most levels, a Star card can easily be obtained by running at maximum speed and hitting the box at a forty-five degree angle. However, this is not achievable in some levels such as 1-4 and 7-1, because the distance is too short to achieve running speed. However, in levels such as these, it is possible to run past it, turn back, and hit it at a 45 degree angle.

In 2-player versus mode, players can steal or exchange cards by bumping each other from below. This make the afflicted player lose a card.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴール