Butler's Room

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Butler's Room
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Blue Mice
Portrait Ghosts Shivers
Boo PeekaBoo

The Butler's Room (Japanese: 休憩室 Lounge) is a room found in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion.

After Luigi lights Shivers' candles, Luigi follows the ghost back to his room. When Shivers burns himself using a candle, Luigi sucks him up with his Poltergust 3000. This causes the Key to the Conservatory to appear.


The Butler's Room has many items within its confines. A large tool cabinet is in the northwest corner, and continuing south along the wall, there is an ironing board and a small bucket. In the exact center of the room is a table with three stools. A sewing machine and an ironing board are north and south of the table, respectively. Along the east wall is a bucket of water, a stack of toilet paper, and a mouse hole. One of these objects holds a jewel. The mouse hole leads to the Hidden Room when Luigi inspects it with the Game Boy Horror.

Ghosts in the Butler's Room[edit]

  • Shivers (100 HP)
  • Blue Mice

Ghosts in the Butler's Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion[edit]

Ghosts in the Butler's Room during the blackout[edit]