Brobot L-Type

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Super Paper Mario Enemy
Brobot L-Type
Max HP 64
Attack 5
Defense 4 (8 against fire)
Location(s) World of Nothing
Card Type Uncommon
Card Description
This is a souped-up version of Mr. L's robot. It looks like he went all out with the customizations. Too bad they don't help much!
That's Brobot L-Type. Mr. L pulled out all the stops to make this one... Max HP is 64. Attack is 5. Defense is 4. Defense against fire is 8. Most of its moves are the same, but it can now use its hands or tackle you... He seems to be weak to explosions, so try using Boomer on his feet... You remember that after setting a bomb, you can use One Button again to set it off, right?
List of Catch Cards
193           194           195

Mr. L, Super Paper Mario

Brobot L-Type is the new and improved version of Brobot, Mr. L's colossal robot in Super Paper Mario. Part of the Brobot L-Type's theme music is a faster-paced techno remix of the Sammer's Kingdom Theme. Although it is commonly mistaken to be a remix of Mr. L's theme, it does sound quite similar.

Mario fighting Brobot L-Type.

In Chapter 6-1, after the Sammer's Kingdom gets destroyed by The Void, Mr. L appears in the new World of Nothing. His new improved Brobot L-Type has arms, legs and is more powerful and has the capability to swallow Mario, shoot Lasers from his eyes, fire rocket punches at him and slam down to the ground to try to squash Mario. He then summons Brobot L-Type and begins a duel with Mario, Bowser and Princess Peach. Using a combination of attacks by Boomer, cleverly timed jumps and proper defense strategies, the trio of heroes can manage to destroy Brobot L-Type.

Despite being an improved version of Brobot, the L-Type has less HP, however this is due to the nature of the two battles: the original robot is fought using Squirps' laser fire, which is much more damaging than normal attacks, necessitating a greater amount of HP.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エルガンダーZ
Erugandā Z
Spanish Fratibot XXL Frati, "Fraternal", referring as a brother; Bot, "Robot"; XXL, "Extra Extra Large"
French Frérobot Type-L Brobot type-L
German Bruboter Typ-L Brobot Type-L