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Australian Classification Board
Founded 1970­
Current President Robert McClelland

The Australian Classification Board is a government-formed statutory censorship and classification body that classifies films, video games and publications in Australia. It is basically Australia's equivalent of the ESRB or PEGI. Originally, this and the Australian Classification Review Board were part of the Office of Film and Literature Classification, but this was dissolved in 2006.

The Classification Board (and the Classification Review Board) are established by the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (Cth). This Act also contains the National Classification Code.

The Board is also able to censor media by refusing classification and making the media illegal for hire, exhibition and importation to Australia. This had attracted particular controversy in the case of computer and video games as the R18+ classification did not exist for video games, but with recent legislation accepted by the entirety of the Attorney-General Department, the R18+ classification for video games was introduced on January 1st, 2013.


Rating Description
ACB G.svg G: (General) These games are for suitable for all ages. The content is very mild in impact. Most Mario games receive this rating because of their mild, cartoon-style violence which is not unsuitable for young gamers. Recently, Mario games have been receiving less G ratings and more PGs, for reasons such as "mild gambling references" and "gaming experience may change online" for Wi-Fi compatible games.
ACB PG.svg PG: (Parental guidance recommended) - These games contain material that may confuse or upset younger viewers. The content is mild in impact. This is commonly used for games that have mild fantasy violence, mild gambling references, etc.
ACB M.svg M: (Recommended for mature audiences) - Games containing material that requires a mature perspective. This classification was formerly known as M15+. There is no restriction on purchase, however. The content is moderate in impact. This rating is common for games with moderate violence, coarse language and/or sexual references. As Mario games generally contain no blood-and-gore violence, none have received this rating.
ACB MA15+.svg MA15+: (Not suitable for people under 15) - The content is considered unsuitable for play by persons under the age of 15. Persons under 15 may only legally purchase or exhibit MA15+ rated content under the supervision of an adult guardian. The content is strong in impact. No Mario or Super Smash Bros. games have ever fallen into this category.
ACB R18+.png R18+: (Restricted to 18 and over) - Contains material that is considered unsuitable for exhibition by persons under the age of 18. People under 18 may not legally buy, rent, exhibit or view R18+ classified content. No Mario or Super Smash Bros. games have ever fallen into this category.
ACB X18+.png X18+: As it is beyond the 18+ rating, this does not apply to video games.

See Also[edit]

  • PEGI - (Pan European Game Information), the organization rating games for European audiences.
  • CERO - (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization), the Japanese rating system.
  • ESRB - (Entertainment Software Rating Board), the organization rating games for US audiences.
  • USK - (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle), the German rating system.
  • DEJUS - (Departamento de Justiça, Classificação, Títulos e Qualificação), the Brazilian rating system.